There are thousands of books in our library. You can't borrow these, but you can see it. The library itself can only be visited by appointment.

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You can also donate an item. The museum is very happy with this kind of donation with which we can tell the story of WWII.

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On this collection site, collection pieces of what is kept in the museum and depots are shared on a regular basis.

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Specialized restorers ensure that the collection of the Liberation Museum is in good condition. Here you can be inspired by the craftsmanship we have in-house.

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Every month you will find a new article about an object from the collection of the Liberation Museum Zeeland. This object is brought to the attention because it is connected to a certain month of the year, because it was recently included in the collection or because it includes a special story.

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Under the title - give the victims a face - the Liberation Museum wants to include as many victims (soldiers and civilians) as possible in a digital database, so that they are not forgotten. Can you help us with names and photos of civilians killed and soldiers killed from the Second World War in Zeeland?

War victims Zeeland

Do you have any interesting material from the war?
Don't throw it away!

The Liberation Museum Zeeland is always interested in authentic material from the Netherlands from during the Second World War, preferably with the personal stories.

If you have such material and you are looking for a right destination for this, please contact us.